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As lead pastor of CityChurch, preaching from Scripture was one of my primary responsibilities. Contextualization of Scripture is important to me. I want to expose people to the biblical text, identify what it likely meant to the writer, and tease out the implications for a specific group of people at a specific time and in a specific place. That might be in your Sunday morning service, a Sunday school class, or at a special event.  I seek to have Spirit-formed and biblically rooted messages, and I don't take lightly the responsibility of being the one holding (or wearing)  the microphone. I'm an ordained Assemblies of God minister, pentecostal in theology, deeply enriched by Ignatian spirituality, and full of honor for the many streams and traditions within the Church that have enriched my walk with Christ. Sample messages are posted below!

Advent Messages

Honest Advent 1 Lift Up Your Soul and Your Head (12/5/21)
00:00 / 29:45
Honest Advent 2 Embracing Journey of Conversion (12/12/21)
00:00 / 37:48
Honest Advent 3 The Prayer of Indifference (12/19/21)
00:00 / 31:38
God in the Dark 1 Darkness Isn't Dark to God (11.29.20)
00:00 / 25:53
God in the Dark 2 We Saw His Star When it Rose (12/6/20)
00:00 / 23:48
God in the Dark 3 People in Darkness Saw a Great Light (12/3/20)
00:00 / 27:24
God in the Dark 4 The Kingdom is Near (12/20/20)
00:00 / 23:05
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