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How you live matters.
How you lead matters.

Online Coaching with Heather Weber

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I'm a coach and ordained minister with over 14 years of experience working directly with leaders in all seasons of their lives. I know that how leaders live is the foundation for how they lead. Too often leaders push aside physical, relational, spiritual, and emotional health for the sake of a vocational outcome or project. Vocational goals are important--believe me, I know!--but if you want to bring your whole self to the finish line in the healthiest way possible, well, then--I'm your person. 

Most importantly, I'm a certified coach trained in the International Coaching Federation's core competencies; I take your trust seriously and am ready to journey with you through life and leadership.

Reset your Rhythm for Work, Rest, and Play

Get Present with Your People.

Nurture Your Connection with God.

Improve Team Dynamics

Clarify Leadership Goals & Strategies

Heather tremendously helped my husband and I prepare for marriage by opening our minds to things we may not have considered about each other in the past and helping us through those conversations. Heather does not shy away from difficult or intimidating questions or topics, and always makes sure you feel comfortable throughout.

She helped us understand each other’s hearts and minds a little bit with more each session, and we are much better off because of it.

-Former Client

"Working with Heather is so easy. I normally cry (but she won’t make you cry if you’re not a cryer). I also leave the session feeling like “OMG THAT’S WHAT WAS GOING ON?!” That clarity gives me a sense of relief and the ability to relax. It also gives me motivation to make some forward momentum--because having figured out what the problem actually is, it’s easier to see what the solution could be. Heather asks great questions. She’s non-judgmental. You can tell she really cares about you and wants the best for you. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

-Current Client

"Heather's unique style of coaching has opened a new world of inner knowledge for me. With an emphasis on "pulling out what is already inside of me," she has helped guide me in finding answers based on my own experiences and knowledge and has really empowered me to pause in difficult situations, to process what the next step
can be, and then, with confidence, make a decision on how I can take control of my life.  It is almost a guided inner "therapy" of sorts, coaching me as I dig for answers
I didn't know I had. It has been a safe place for me to build many action steps in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Heather!"

-Former Client

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